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  • 01 Endrio Sabroso (Dj Nos & Marcocram Fiesta Mix)
  • Imagine an album that masterfully combines the vibrant rhythms of Cuban music with the pulsating beats of house. This innovative project features a talented Cuban dancer and singer, renowned for his mastery of both traditional and modern dance and vocal styles, collaborating with a group of top DJs and producers. Together, they create a musical masterpiece that celebrates Cuban culture and irresistibly invites listeners to the dance floor.

555 Crew

  • 01 555 Crew Mad Team
  • A fierce and rebellious anthem from a team that bows to no one, with lyrics full of arrogance and determination to dominate the scene. An unyielding pride and a desire for revenge, embodying the rebellious spirit of the outskirts.


  • 01 Giapan Piano Voice
  • 02 Giapan Strange Guitar
  • 03 Giapan Mystic Flute
  • 04 Giapan Hang Memory
  • 05 Giapan Flower Memories
  • 06 Giapan Rebirth
  • 07 Giapan Gotan Tango
  • 08 Giapan Atmospheric
  • 09 Giapan The Day Of Quite
  • 10 Giapan Psycotic
  • Relax is the watchword. Let yourself be carried away by the music of Giapan, close your eyes and imagine being on the beach with a cool drink.


  • 01 Pineye Balladeer
  • 02 Pineye Pineye
  • 03 Pineye Cherry Berry
  • 04 Pineye Woody Joe
  • 05 Pineye The Philosopher
  • 06 Pineye Tony The Barber
  • 07 Pineye Puppeteer
  • 08 Pineye Ugly Twins
  • 09 Pineye Blue Bitch
  • 10 Pineye Miss Snail
  • 11 Pineye Crow & Owl
  • 12 Pineye Four Business
  • 13 Pineye Undertaker
  • 14 Pineye The Urban Sociopathic Security
  • 15 Pineye Judge Gavel
  • 16 Pineye Escaped
  • 17 Pineye Mr. Trammel
  • 18 Pineye Skinny Smoke
  • 19 Pineye Oliver Driver
  • 20 Pineye The Cheater
  • 21 Pineye Keller Magician
  • 22 Pineye Madame X
  • 23 Pineye Mr. Whip
  • 24 Pineye Murderess
  • 25 Pineye Sharky Face
  • 26 Pineye Sun Tree
  • When the most famous puppet in the world meets the most extraordinary ensemble ever, something out of the ordinary can only happen. After years of searching for a connection between Pinocchio and the Beatles, this album was born, taken from the book of the same name by Franco Prevignano published by FuturaLibri. Each character in the book is paired with original music, composed for the occasion.

Gioele Benedetti

  • 01 Gioele Benedetti La Prima Neve Original Mix
  • 'The song 'La Prima Neve' speaks of reflection and nostalgia as the winter season makes its return. The lyrics evoke memories of a past love, symbolized by the pink sweater and the lingering fragrance in the house. The ashes in the fireplace represent the past being consumed. The artist expresses a desire to face life together, challenging time and its trials. The metaphor of the first snow suggests a new beginning and the possibility of rebuilding together. The invocation to fly to the North Pole, even though it's not Christmas, emphasizes the desire for rebirth. The lyrics reflect on the meaning of hope, emphasizing that the end is not definitive if one wishes to continue. Finally, the invitation to stay together during the cold evenings underscores the need for comfort and companionship.

Snow Fawn

  • 01 Snow Fawn Away Fly Original Mix
  • 02 Snow Fawn Capoeira Prod Original Mix
  • 03 Snow Fawn Mista Jam Original Mix
  • 04 Snow Fawn Puppy Na Original Mix
  • 05 Snow Fawn Shakedown Good Original Mix
  • 06 Snow Fawn Tempo Tempo Original Mix
  • 07 Snow Fawn The Good Ol Original Mix
  • 08 Snow Fawn The Masta
  • 09 Snow Fawn Time To All Original Mix
  • 10 Snow Fawn What What Original Mix
  • A compilation of songs perfect for spending moments of pure relaxation and meditation.

Michele Braganti

  • 01 Michele Braganti Aggrapparsi Con Un Dito Original Mix
  • Disappointed expectations, consequences of wrong life choices. A neglected love, a life focused solely on personal interests, and an abandoned child. The disillusionment with illusions of success and infinite time, emphasizing that, once achieved, success can prove to be empty. A 'expired ticket' and a 'flight already departed' symbolizing opportunities irretrievably lost. The song concludes with an invocation to cling with a finger to avoid falling into the void, highlighting the difficulty of doing so and the persistent hope for the possibility of change.