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Mauritian Rhythms, Mark Delon, Teddy Tyrrell, Cool Grooves Ensemble

  • 01 Mauritian Rhythms Purple Daze Bay Ran Mix
  • 02 Mark Delon Dumore F.j. Total Mix
  • 03 Teddy Tyrrell Ravis House Mix
  • 04 Cool Grooves Ensemble Sunset in Paris Mallorca Mix

Amoeba, Celio Manna, Iron Mind, Association Pyramid

  • 01 Amoeba Piper Night Dust Mix
  • 02 Celio Manna Star Hotel Plastique Soul's House Mix
  • 03 Iron Mind Black Book Ray Alvarez Mix
  • 04 Association Pyramid Refilable Fashion Corporation's Big Mix

Salviano Carvajal, Max Footstep, Fret Hero, Prism Boar

  • 01 Salviano Carvajal Color Glass Ronny Galgano's Brooklyn Mix
  • 02 Max Footstep Chicago House N.y.c. Boyz Mix
  • 03 Fret Hero Deep Water Platin Groove's Mix
  • 04 Prism Boar Acre Tofu Chigago Crews's House Mix

Sink, The Slime, Fray Sarroch, Aciieed Deep, Danny Hay

  • 01 Sink, The Slime Paniko Tribasoul Mix
  • 02 Fray Sarroch Anonimo Deep Acid Deep Mix
  • 03 Aciieed Deep Ignorance Unlimited Matrix Deep Mix
  • 04 Danny Hay After the Sunset Bassogrove House Mix

Bank of House, Victor Sandeman, Mik More, House Group

  • 01 Bank of House The Twins Ultramind Mix
  • 02 Victor Sandeman Voice or Not Night Beatz Mix
  • 03 Mik More Groovando D Beats Mix
  • 04 House Group Aquaspeed Club Mix

Maximo Dani, Kyle Fenton, Peebee, Black Caesar

  • 01 Maximo Dani Rising Up Real House Mix
  • 02 Kyle Fenton Once Again Lorentz Goga's House Mix
  • 03 Peebee Get Down The Beat Mix
  • 04 Black Caesar Mirage Banzigo Mix

Max Veron, Frank Fusto, Bob Drum, W.U.G.

  • 01 Max Veron New Reality Alexandre Crlton's House Mix
  • 02 Frank Fusto A Passion to Explain House Elements Mix
  • 03 Bob Drum How Baby Play Me House Mix
  • 04 W.U.G. Wake up Guy Total Beat Mix

Roger Vergil, Quincy Allaire, Outer Absence, Roger Romero

  • 01 Roger Vergil Oblivious Original Mix
  • 02 Quincy Allaire Going to the Village House of Club Mix
  • 03 Outer Absence Arrow 6th Floor's House Mix
  • 04 Roger Romero Lakeside Deck N.y.c. Night Mix

Loud Sin, Of Target, Donald Teixeira, Blamed Landing

  • 01 Loud Sin Ball Earth Cubist Mix
  • 02 Of Target False Stick Rolls Royced Mix
  • 03 Donald Teixeira Contemplation Plastic Bass Mix
  • 04 Blamed Landing Homemade Basement Guys Mix

Johnny Divine, Sound of N.Y.C, Anthony Maserati, Universe 314

  • 01 Johnny Divine Acid & House Undaground Mix
  • 02 Sound of N.Y.C Las Baia Frank Falcon Deep Mix
  • 03 Anthony Maserati Precious Inlay 99's Deepstar Mix
  • 04 Universe 314 Because I Need You Babylon Mix

Human Beats, Frankie Borrell, Magnus Dixson, Continental Rhythms

  • 01 Human Beats Neighbors Gosts Ibiza Mix
  • 02 Frankie Borrell All so Beautiful Conkilla Deep Mix
  • 03 Magnus Dixson Gus Gus Jeff Le Ground Mix
  • 04 Continental Rhythms Rise Me 24 Karat Mix

Radical Razors, Club Sonique, Robert Rich, Agent 009

  • 01 Radical Razors Afro Deep N.y.c Mix
  • 02 Club Sonique You Can Tell Me Anthony Maserati's Beat Mix
  • 03 Robert Rich You Never See Blonde Mix
  • 04 Agent 009 Baby Well Fast Train Mix