official release date: 2019 Jul Mon 08

UPR [ UPR010 ]

Distel, Unknown Celebrities, Laag, Növö, Adan, Ilse, Black Egg, Position Parallele, Radical G, Millimetric, The Horrorist, David Carretta, Absolute Body Control, Simi Nah, Cruise, In Death It Ends, Marc Hurtado, Alan Vega, The Present Moment, Liebknecht, Kristoffer Grip, Gabi Delgado, Hausfrau, Dirk Da Davo, Jurgen Engler, Kgb, Richard 23, Patrick Codenys, Usher

Suicide Tribute to Iconic New York Legends

All original songs by Alan Vega & Martin Rev (SUICIDE).All unreleased covers selected by Pedro Peñas Robles. Digipack layout by Karim Gabou

  • front cover.

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  • info cover.

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