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Departhead, Ramona Yacef, Juan Demal, Amaury Trevino, Riciar Ghir, Giale

Blackness Revenge, Boris Teschendorff, Rauwkost, Batu Celik, Morizio, Juan Demal, Goi Kopher, Frederick Alonso, Guldkant

Rosenhaft, Juan Demal, Speakdeep, Jonny Bee, Nici Frida, Sergio Collado, Brandub, Drop Of Sound, Kley, Rauwkost, Riciar Ghir, Rhoowax, Giale, Digital Project, DJ Beens, Marco Sciacca, Blackness Revenge, Santierri, Dimitris Anagnostou, Martin Bellomo

  • A special selection of our music from 2013 to 2016

Juan Demal

  • The kid of God is come on Earth,created from the energy of Juan Demal. He's an Acid boy with the electronic music passion that have other three versions from their appartenence country by Reece Johnson, Boris Teschendorff and Ezequiel Iturralde.

Dan Corco

  • Welcome to Dan Corco on Raw Trax family. This is the first release for this promising french artist !


  • After the experiences in London and Milan, our young talented producer GIALE comes again on board with his new work 'Greco'. High concentrate of addictive deep music inside with four original tracks for all kind of tastes.

Riciar Ghir

  • 2019 begins with the return on Raw Trax of the mystery man Riciar Ghir with his new work 'Rastaban'. Three original versions of pure sickness in a brilliant vision of modern electronic music. Includes a remix by our hometown heroes 2nd Way Home.

Amaury Trevino

  • ' The Mood ' is the job that has made by the Mexican artist Amaury Trevino for satisfy our wishes of Deep House. Three original quality tracks are the calling card of his fine taste.

Juan Demal

  • ' Sweet Spicy ' is the new work from the ' Jazzy Man ' Juan Demal. Guarantee of absolute quality house music, presents three original mixes that are melds playful drum patterns and the soulful vocal samples over filtered with piano chords. The jazzy influences are the trade mark by the Argentinian artist.

Ramona Yacef

  • Introducing the next release on our label with the first work from the amazing Italian producer Ramona Yacef. 'Xibalbà' is an introspective track that take you in a deep atmosphere with a dreamy flavor. Includes two remixes by the Greecian spiritual master Ilias Katelanos and by the Soundzrise boss Andrea Rango.


  • We start the new year with the first release from the Italian producer Departhead.“ Feels So Right “ is a real acid journey returned from the old school house in featuring with the ethereal voice of Suzy B. Includes two engaging reinterpretations of the original mix by the Italians producers JWL e QLTY.


  • The talented Swedish duo Guldkant introduces 'Groofin Hihats”,the next release on Raw Trax with the electronic journey flavor. A romantic analog track with the introspective content of the north lands. Includes two crazy remix from Italian sound designer Guido Affini and one ambient dub remix from the Hungarian master of vapor sound BD Tom.

Frederick Alonso

  • We are constantly looking for new producers and from this research has emerged Frederick Alonso. The deep taste of the belgian producer creates 'Artificial' that is composed of three original tracks and includes an addictive remix by another belgian artist Pat Lezismo.

Rosenhaft, District 6, Bogdan N, Rodrigo, Juan Demal, Jeremy Juno, DuB'Dimitri, Kizt, Alexander Richter, D.o.s. (italy), Ema Remedi And Manglus, Kramptwinz, Federico Luchetti, Rawkost, Marco Sciacca

  • We are glad to presents ” Raw Life Pt 2 “ a compilation that includes a selection of 20 tracks released from 2012 to 2014.Everyone of these releases has built a new chapter of our label. High “Raw” content inside with machine gun artists as : Rosenhaft, Juan Demal,Kizt,Rauwkost,Ema Remedi & Manglus and many more.

Goi Kopher

  • Welcome into the deep dark Jungle room of Raw Trax with 'Do It', the new release by Goi Kopher. There's what you expect inside with other three versions of the track for all kind of tastes, the only constant is the hypno vocal on different ambientations by Alexander Saykov,Riciar Ghir and M.F.S Observatory. Magic Box, Let's ' Do it '.

Juan Demal

  • Here we come with Juan Demal with its “ Black Hole “, a dimension Jazzy House comes inside his original version, crazy and original melodies for canalizing your ambient in a virtual tube. Includes other two journey remixes from our more mad producers : M-Phunk and Speakdeep will leave you in their interpretation of the tube.


  • Welcome to Morizio in our music mood with his first release ' Sleezy '. He is a producer markedly of flavors tb303, raw deep house/techno influences inside his work. Three original Mixes from the man who grew up in the land of tulips.

Amezquita, Rauwkost, Julian Mc Cain, Freddy Parisi, Elio Aur, Blackness Revenge, Guldkant, Marcelo Bertinetti, Rhoowax, Tetsuya Narita

  • The Raw Trax family presents the next Various Artists selection called “ Raw Circle “ that includes a union of music from all over the world. We're departed from Colombia for arrive in Japan. Let's start the journey together.

Batu Celik

  • Glad to present ' Diferencia ', the next solid release of Batu Celik (Tur) on Raw Trax. Including a dope remix by our new re mixer Ashworth (Uk). Move the dance floor into the fun side.


  • Another great work by the talented Dutch artist Rauwkost. This is his second album formed by four original mix versions of pure sickness. When you listen ' Smart Thinking ' starts a concentrate of pianos, magic synths, powerful basses and usual bubble waves that you can't foresee.

Blackness Revenge

  • Another quality release produced by Blackness Revenge for Raw Trax Records. Original mix of clear mood funky, very mellow groove and pull enveloping, more underground and “gomma” remix by Gregory Dub, virtually the dub-version of the release, completed by the third track, remixed by the emerging Spanish Indira Paganotto, here the atmosphere is decidedly more techno.

Boris Teschendorff

  • Three techouse tracks from Germany.

Martin Bellomo

  • Two original tracks for this artist Argentine to his first release on Raw Trax Records after appearances on compilation and as a remixer with the addition of a remix of Lolu Menayed. Deephouse defined the sound of 'Bardo', minimal atmosphere and sometimes dub, rhythm definitely more enveloping in 'Dharma Rhythm', track very elaborate that fully reflects the actual taste of this artist, topped by the remix of Lolu that is the 'house icing on the cake' of this release.

Dimitris Anagnostou

  • First release on Raw Trax Records for this artist greek from Thessaloniki, Dimitris here shows much of its repertoire, four house tracks where we find elegance, style and mastery of the arrangement and the samples used, all this topped off with a groove never dull by right breaks and focus on vocal parts.


  • New Parisian artist in Raw Trax Records, Thurman has three tracks of absolute thickness that follow the style of this artist in the genre categorized within techouse with much groove and vocal samples, atmosphere instead always created by an in-depth use of synths.


  • 'Klopec' is the result of work brainchild of young artist from West Argentina,Santierri. The original track is the most danceable but the addition of other versions made by Marcelo Bertinetti, Lolu Menayed and Berni Peint carries out a truly complete release with 5 different interpretations of the song. Listening to music is never boring and the Argentine rhythms will involve you in a complete dance sessions.

Blackness Revenge

  • First release by Blackness Revenge on Raw Trax Records. The Italian duo presents three original tracks inside 'Inspiration ', influenced by deep atmospheres, full basses,warm synths and pianos. These tracks are perfect for warming up your night with originality.

Marco Sciacca

  • Another awesome release from our young producer Marco Sciacca. 'What I lost' is an introspective deep travel that describes the musical taste of the artist at this moment. Perfect tracks for start your party with groove and happiness.

Digital Project, DJ Beens

  • We are happy for the return of Digital Project on Raw Trax with [RAW070]. In the far 2007 was our 1st Producer in our 1st release [RAW001] Digital Project - The Blue Ep. Now presents two Original Mix with his friend Dj Beens inside the album 'Mathilda'. Tech House engine, space synths and hypno pianos are the theme of the tracks.


  • Giale is a young interesting Italian artist that present three tracks inside his album 'Mental Experience'. A real concentration of deep house music that will involve you at first listening.


  • Rhoowax is a new artist on our label and presents his work 'Time Circle' with three Original Tracks. The warm air of the South Italy inspires cheerful deep melodies and percussions with high jazzy content. The 'Time Cirle' is Closed.

Riciar Ghir

  • The character of Riciar Ghir is always shrouded in mystery, we never know when we will receive his next work, but when we receive it it's able to involve us in his decided deep dark visions.'Light' is the first album on Raw Trax from the Italian artist and contains three tracks of obscure matter.


  • We are happy to present the second album from Rauwkost on our label. The Dutch artist manages to amaze us each time proposing sounds never dull and deep plots.'Silver Edge' is a set of four songs for a new trip inside the deep energetic groove, crunchy basses and bubble waves.


  • The French producer Kley presenting his tasty first single 'Make My Dream', including four original tracks that perfectly capture the deep cut with melodic piano,Iberian guitar,afro groove. Music for warm weather, ideal tunes for these spring times.

Drop Of Sound

  • Proud to present the first album for Italian artists Drop of Sound that contains three interesting original mix with their mark of deep house music,a little beat dark,warm basses, chords, pads,hypno vocal. There's all inside! 'No Synth' will surprise you slowly while you listen. (2014) Raw Trax Records


  • Four massive tracks are the calling card which presents the Argentinian artist Brandub to his first release on our label following his Dub Techno Influences. We enjoyed 'Four Modes of Mpc' for its variety of chords, for environments that are very defined and the backbeat percussions. Four different tracks with a single strand...PowerGroove! (C)(P) 2014 Raw Trax Records

Nici Frida, Sergio Collado

  • We are happy to introduce two new entries in the Raw Trax family presenting Nici Frida & Sergio Collado with 'White Widdow'. They express their powerful concentrate of Deep Dub Techno music also there in 'Inside your Mind' a real gear with a hypno voice and dry percussions that accompanying perfectly. Includes an addictive remix of 'White Widdow' by the Italian guys Molisans Brothers. (C)(P) 2014 Raw Trax Records

Jonny Bee

  • First release for Jonny Bee with Raw Trax, a very interesting artist who focuses in its tracks a passion for deep house music. 'Spiritually' it is a warm wave that sways gently in an introspective journey of sounds and environments. Includes an awesome remix by Jeremy Juno full of fluttering sounds that never disappoints our expectations. Enjoy your Spiritually life. (C)(P) 2014 Raw Trax Records


  • Modern Urban Jungle with the Original Mix from Italian producer Speakdeep. Aciz Jadd is a blend of sounds taken from his Perugia, markedly deep house track,will involve you in the loop with his jazzy percussions and catchy groove. The surprises are not over there are also two different remixes inside : The first is developed by Rosenhaft that is perfect for launch the dancefloor and the second is by Juan Demal to complete your best party. (C)(P) 2014 Raw Trax Records

Andrea Mocce, Dave James, Macromism, Tropical Boy, Yorker, Mr Throut, Goiko, Josh, Spoonkat, Alex Santer, Mr.Ado, Federico Lucchetti, Martin Gioia, Casa Azul, Danylo Aprile, Kikko Altieri, Onetram, Minimosa, Marcelo Cura, Lawkin, Julian Mc Cain

  • Raw Trax Records presents a compilation that traces the musical journey from its origins: Raw Life Pt 1 (2007-2011). included 20 tracks in chronological order of the most representative artists: Andrea Mocce, Dave James, Macromism, Detlef, Danylo Aprile, Marcelo Cura, Julian Mc Cain, Goiko & Josh and many more. With this compilation Raw trax wants to show its origins, from where she was born and where she arrived, and the road is still long…..

Rosenhaft, Riciar Ghir, Fujiko, Dib, Ema Remedi, Rauwkost, Juan Demal, Jackspot, Marco Sciacca, Batu Celik, D.o.s., Kramptwinz

  • One other interesting compilation of the label Raw Trax, which includes 10 tracks plus an edit version. 
Music proposal by: Rosenhaft, Riciar Ghir & Fujiko, DIB, Ema Remedi, Rauwkost, Juan Demal, Jackspot, Marco Sciacca, Batu Celik, Kramptwinz. 
Our artists do not give you time to get bored from beginning to end, 
11 Elements that will take you inside the dimension Raw.

Juan Demal

  • This is the first solo release by the Argentine artist Juan Demal. Pretty House Party is a mix of old school house, chords, deep sounds & hypno voices.3 tracks that know how to describe the concept inside.


  • Raw Trax presents the new release of the Israeli Rosenhaft. Digger smashes the dance floor while All about the Nail makes you follow his addictive train.

Jeremy Juno

  • Second release for the Dutch artist Jeremy Juno with the label Raw Trax. Consolidates the cooperation with the track Tramonto,made just before a gig in Italy, conveys deep feelings through catchy melodies and groovy bass that make it warm. Along with the Original mix there are two interesting remix of Bram Tierie (Nl) and Speakdeep (Ita).

Marco Sciacca

  • First release for the talented Marco Sciacca leading to his productions a concentration of old school house sounds very defined. Inside the 'Follow Me' are all the sounds that characterize the influences of the artist. Three original tracks and a remix from another young Italian artist: Kid Mark.


  • Welcome in Rauwkost world,a world where the fresh deep energetic groove meets crunchy basses and Bubbles Wave. the musical journey you are about to start will take you to faraway.

Federico Luchetti

  • Federico Luchetti comes back with a fresh release on Raw Trax. Danzoon is a mix of engaging percussions,Piano Chords and ambient in continue evolving that give to the tracks a personality groove made by the italo/argentinean producer.


  • Beach Party will be inside Lets Funk Ep presented by The Kramtwinz, amazing duo from Manchester. Three awesome Original Mix that speak about them and where they come from.

Ema Remedi And Manglus, Ema Remedi

  • Second EP from our Ema Remedi. Ritmo & Calor Latino from Uruguay comes back with her in Feelin' the Way e Vaya Usted. Over the foi Bonchen is a collaboration of Ema with her friend Magnlus(Uru) our fresh member of Raw Trax Family.


  • This is the Second Compilation of Raw Trax Artists. There are different sounds inside, but all with a very flowing mood. From Argentina to Italy :Juan Demal,Rodrigo,Martin Bellomo (Arg),Reece Johnson (Uk),Alexander Richter (Ger),Kizt (Spa),Edmond Binoge (Rep.Macedonia),D.O.S and Critical Sunstain (Ita).

D.o.s. (italy), Juan Demal, Alexander Richter, Critical Sustain, Kizt, Reece Johnson, Edmond Binoge, Martin Bellomo

  • This is the Second Compilation of Raw Trax Artists. There are different sounds inside, but all with a very flowing mood. From Argentina to Italy :Juan Demal,Rodrigo,Martin Bellomo (Arg),Reece Johnson (Uk),Alexander Richter (Ger),Kizt (Spa),Edmond Binoge (Rep.Macedonia),D.O.S and Critical Sunstain (Ita).


  • Dub Dimitri is going to crash the dance floor with Syzygy Dub, a powerful track that pump the ears,hypno vox/noise,great bass & percussions. Included three remix by: Paolo Driver (Ita), Ema Remedi (Uru), Rodrigo (Arg).

Jeremy Juno

  • Awesome track of our artist Jeremy Juno,the original mix it's a result of the mixture of deep/dub groovy sound and Its bassline is really massive and addictive.Inside of this, there are other three personal version remix by Dave James(UK),Alessio Gisenti (IT),Masamune (JPN).

Rodrigo, Juan Demal

  • In the name of jazz EP it is the fusion of the work of two Argentinian promises artist. Rodrigo & Juan Demal they takes out from their country a particular House/Jazzy Sound. Inside there is a remix of Martin Bellomo(Arg) to close the circle of all.

Ema Remedi

  • After a short brake the label raw trax records returns with the release RAW044.
and who is most appropriate for this that ema Remedi, which reveals the pure sound of Raw Trax. Midnight Light EP is more than it sounds, its groove is representative for our label,inside of this EP there's the deep groove mix of ema and an old school remix by the israelis talent Rosenhaft.

Gabriele Mineo, Marco Gotama

  • Three tracks composed by this duo of young Sicilians, and Marco Gabriele Mineo Gotama.
A full ep, groove truly dynamic ever-present voice samples and a cash super powerful in all three of these tracks to play in any dance floor.


  • Raw Trax Records is proud to present The Rumble Ep, three tracks with heavy drums and acid line, a really bass line and groove, a solid ep for this couple of guys from Italy!

Bogdan N

  • All About Ep contains two fantastic tracks from the Romanian artist Bogdan N. Insopta is a tech house train that makes you inside a jungle of sounds. Tech and Sex is a deep house journey that give you strong addictive.

Steven Doyle, Tome R

  • Developed from their collaboration. 'Look Humble' contains three original mix deep house groovy flavor.

District 6

  • District 6 alias Alistairr from London,young producer that present itself with a first ep on Raw Trax,Friends EP, the tracks Fischer and Juchert are two Old school house trips, maybe deep but certainly House classic oriented, two tracks unique in its approach and style but with the same good mood.


  • Interesting release from Rosenhaft, talented producer from Israel that present two involving tracks with Old school intention but also progressive mood. First track, 30 is a non stop House train of basses, percussion and cymbal that bring us to move, tripply vocals dressed with tasty deep atmosphere, Know One Noze, the second track, lightly dark deep, rolling and progressive... with a final crazy piano that amazes.

Lawkin, Onetram, Minimosa, Kikko Altieri, Tropical Boy, Matteo Baudoni, Casa Azul, Goiko, Josh, Feyser, Danylo Aprile, Junolab, Dave James, Sandro S

  • A special selection of past tracks of Raw Trax Records, producers from over the world inside!

Julian Mc Cain

  • The Italian artist Julian Mc Cain introduces three tracks with The Big Man Ep, soulful sound accompanied by tech house rhythmic.


  • Sunflower Ep contains 4 Original Mix with a cut markedly Techy. 
Lawkin designs with powerful bass and fresh percussions a tropical rhythm.

Onetram, Marcelo Cura

  • From the collaboration of Onetram and Marcelo Cura was born Humpback Ep: Concentrated of dark parts but at the same time offers a cheerful pattern. The incisors shaker split in the middle the tracks and making them march like a train.


  • Funky habbit is the first release of the Canadian duo Ezlv. ?Energy for both deep house tracks if Funky Habbit is the perfect track to warm up the evening while London Headache heats up the dance floor with a rhythm old school house.

Onetram, Minimosa

  • Interesting release Portrait Ep. ?Onetram & Minimosa have three complete traces of, Exciting Sounds, Pumpin Bass and space melodies to make people dance. Inside two original mix and a remix of Onetram.


  • Only one track, but many components inside, the pace is relentless virtually from start to finish, beginning even hear someone who sounds from the bike.... and after drums to no end and straight kick.

Kikko Altieri

  • Two tracks of Italian style house for this producer.

Danylo Aprile

  • Guys, we are talking about serious stuff, a great ep of Danylo Aprile, solid stuff, the original is 'You Want' with three remixes signed by Luca M, Mario Roberti and Francesco Resta, three tracks in between deephouse and techouse, groove overbearing, relentless, samples and synths that complement it all, really a great job!

Tropical Boy

  • Based in Cagliari, Italy, Mr. Thruout also spent a spell in London from 1996- 2000 where he created music covering everything from drum & bass, to dub, to speed garage, all released on vinyl through his label Occhio Records. His return to Italy saw a change in focus onto house, and in particular the deeper variety. This time the boy Cagliari has three tracks deep with shades of jazz, piano and vocal samples characterize the three tracks and it is certainly possible to dance to this music with an umbrella in hand.

Alexander Jozefovicz

  • Two very very nice tracks from Alexander Jozefovic, at the moment Alexander Jozefovicz is living, working and producing in the United Kingdom but also from time to time He`s coming back to Poland to play a gig. In Hi`s music He wanted to give listeners peace, He want to put you on top of the cloud`s and give you some relax with a little bit of energizing beat.

Gianni Zanforlin

  • First release on Raw Trax Records for this Italian Dj and producer, born in '77 that takes his first steps in music in the disco of his uncle. He began playing in the clubs of his city and to work with 'Match Music'. in 1996 he discovered the world of producer and began composing his first tracks with Rebirth and he love the roland 808. Abandoned the music for a short period. In 2009 he started producing again and in July '10 and now He release two tracks very groovin 'with deep atmospheres that characterize both tracks.

Matteo Baudoni

  • Groove, melodies and vocal samples for this promising Italian artist.

Casa Azul

  • Martin Fierro is an EP created by Casa Azul, in collaboration with Argentine artist federico Luchetti, the theme is essentially the voice of this poem that continues throughout the song, to embellish the output of three remix by Roby J, Federico Luchetti and the greek Yorker


  • Two tracks from this artist greek, two tracks suitable for the dance floor, percussion, vocal samples and fast-paced characterize the whole ep

Federico Lucchetti, Martin Gioia

  • The first release on the label of Federico Luchetti, hence a great start this collaboration with Italian producer who moved to Argentina. Je T'Aime, the track that the ep is characterized by the female vocal sample and the agreement of Rodhes ever-present rhythm shaker house and beautiful present, Abajo is darker, more groove and percussion inside mental fit in the groove,

Alex Santer, Mr.Ado

  • First release on Raw Trax Records for this pair of Greek producers Alex Santer and Mr. Ado last month that were closed to the studio to make these two tracks fill the dance floor if used at the right time! Turbo Swing is definitely more catchy and under a commercial point of view, while whole jazz is a train, a wave that envelops you from the beginning to the end of the track.


  • We are proud to present Spoonkat, Roman writer, with his first release on Raw Trax Records. Two tracks with beats and groove funky house, vocal samples and starts, all seasoned with low enveloping.

Goiko, Josh

  • All the way from Spain, Goiko & Josh deliver one of the most sexiest built tracks since Italoboyz met casanova. A beautiful construction of piano stabs and frequent deep conversation keep the track moving forward as various snare and hi hats come in. When Macromism was asked to work on this track the first thing they felt like doing was to take the sex underground. Give it a deeper groove and lighten the hi frequency. They give You & Me a more intimate feeling and defini accompianies the original track brilliant on side B.

Mr Throut

  • First release on Raw Trax for the Italian manufacturer, specialized in deephouse Mr. thruout. Three tracks without suitable time to warm up the dancefloor, but also the average listener, a well-stocked ep that fans hope for future collaborations with the label.


  • Third release in a year on Raw Trax Records for this young Spaniard, the boy is growing up with him and his music, most dynamic and most certainly material to the dance floor in this ep consists of three tracks techouse.


  • Two tracks for this very house greek producer. Reef guitar and bass markedly house for Bootleneck much more instrumental Western Winner with the inclusion of vocal samples, horns and percussion.

Tropical Boy

  • Three tracks from this young Japanese deep house producer with a large background of different styles.The theme is very house with tribal nuances three different tracks to be played in different contexts. __________________________________


  • Yes, these two guys have gone right from Raw Trax, promising the beginning of their career, then materialized with the outputs of Polar noise, Inmotion Music and Music Rawthentic, during the transition period, when they decided to produce music more deep and tech. The release features two tracks, Barceloneta focused on reef guitar, while Clover has a more minimal beat but then evolves in an atmosphere characterized by increasingly deep reef guitar.

Theeo-O, Thee-o

  • Three tracks from this young Japanese deep house producer with a large background of different styles.The theme is very house with tribal nuances three different tracks to be played in different contexts.


  • Interesting release produced by Prond, emerging artist in the electronic scene. The original has a markedly techouse start progressing until it flows into a frenzy of synth, equally interesting remixes of Soma Cruz, the basis of everything was kept a theme electro but here the journey is more progressive.


  • Raw Trax Records comes out a little from the lines with this release of Mtm consists of two explosive tracks from techno rhythm, slightly minimal use of secure n the dance floor.


  • Second release on the label after three months for the emerging Spanish producer Edwar, two tracks with shades of deep electro-minimal useful to pull up the dance floor.

The Subjekts

  • Entry in the label for the pair Jorge Watts & Sonny Fodera, they built a solid working relationship in the studio longer available in a short period of time, I know Sonny & Jorge have come together to forge a new sound going under the moniker of 'The Subjekts. Xaudio and Bouncer two different tracks, more progressive and darker the second, much more deep and pumped the second.


  • Two tracks with electro deep synth fluttering by this young Spanish producer.

Sandro S

  • Just shortly before opening his own label Hot Food Records, the Neapolitan producer Sandro S comes with a single taste electronic synths with flying in the air and a vocal line that drags on until the final seconds, to appreciate the remix Riviera, coj a building more enveloping.


  • Audiodraftsman from Trieste composed his first ep on Raw Trax, three tracks that surround his musical background that ranges from deep to progressive reaching almost to the techouse.

Dave James

  • Raw trax presents Dave James, producer of Derby - UK. First Impact is composed of three tracks simple but non-trivial that carry the label to move definitively towards a sound more markedly deephouse.

Junolab, Andrea Mocce

  • The first release on the label of its two creators Andrea Mocce and Junolab. Andrea has Dirtygarde, a hypnotic track, fluctuating, with a very low while this Junolab with Avantgarde atmospheres using the most progressive and electronic equipment to keep your elegance, quality that characterizes the entire release.


  • Another pair of young Italian producers make their debut on Raw Trax Records. The EP contains two tracks, progressive die for both, the original is more to the dance floor, the remix of Briosh is more refined, to listen to…

Digital Project

  • Raw Trax Records debuted on the electronic music scene in October 2007 with The Blue Ep, two tracks composed by the italian producer Manuel Bozza aka Digital project that will make travel between deep and progressive atmospheres….