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Costantine Law

  • Costantine Law now on Mystika records with a great track!Includes an awesome remix by Damian Beat! Mystika Records, stay tunded.

Sergey Estek

  • After the release on Mystika Loves Techno Vol. 2 Sergey Estek is back with a new EP on Mystika Records! 2 tracks for techno lovers.


  • New single from Unitech! Again on mystika records with a new track and big remix from Joe Kendut

Kirill Okrut

  • Now on Mystika Records a great ep from Kirill Okrut! Includes a big remix by Itzaia. Stay tuned on Mystika Records

Joe Kendut, Aquinoise, Andrew Giakou, Hairdryer

  • Techno selection with tracks by: Joe Kendut, Aquinoise, Andrew Giakou and Slowpoke!

Brain Trick

  • Brain Trick now on Mystika Records! Great ep with 2 originals and remixes by: Delano & Mark Drake, Sadder, Worda! Mystika Records.

Balthazar, Jackrock, Dwight Glove

  • Balthazar & Jackrock and Dwight Glove togheter with a Techno EP on Mystika Records.Inside remixes by: Mark Hartigan and Serhio Vegas! Stay Tuned....


  • Unitech again on Mystika Records with a new TECHNO EP!stay tuned with Mystika Records!

Balthazar, Jackrock, Dwight Glove, Alex Di Stefano, Josh Bartoli, Peat Noise, R. Cooper, Edivads, Gitech, Zimber, Shnaps, Marc Systematic, Giovanni Bosco, Bathajja, Brain Trick, Free Tribe, BenyOne, Alex Portarulo Dj, Omega Drive, Delano, Technologue, Sergey Estek

  • A Techno Selection with Great artists! Selected by Josh Bartoli & Aquinoise! Mystika Records.

Joe Kendut

  • Joe Kendut now on Mystika Records!2 techno tracks for the best clubs!

Dj Karl

  • New Single by Dj Karl with great remixes by: Chumaod and Aquinoise! We are proud to present you these artists with a particular sound.

2 Mind

  • 2 Mind now on Mystika Records!An EP with 2 Techno tracks and a great Remix by Unitech.


  • Eleven's11 now on Mystika Records with a new EP with great remixes by: Luix Spectrum, Nick Kennedy, Florian Tyack & Funkbrainer!!!

Acida Corporation

  • Acida Corporation now on Mystika Records with a new Single with great remixes by: Joe Kendut and Aaron Mills!

Serhio Vegas

  • Serhio Vegas on Mystika Records with a great remix by D-Becker!!

Andy Mart

  • Andy Mart on Mystika Records! with fresh Techno Remix by Afonso Maia


  • Itzaia on Mystika Records!

Kryform, Axtek

  • Kryform & Axtek on Mystika Records with 3 techno track!


  • Techno EP by 2Loud

Josh Bartoli

  • produced by Giuseppe Bartoli

Josh Bartoli, Acida Corporation, Simone De Caro, Joe Kendut, Balthazar, Jackrock, Phase Difference, Daniele Effe, Serhio Vegas, 2Loud, Aquinoise, Uakoz

  • Produced by Mystika team...