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Lone Five

  • 'Lone Five', Carmelo de marco's stage name, presents his second EP. It is an explosive mix of techno- house and techno in its strict sense, accompanied by innovative sounds and situations. Beside, it's, undoubtedly, well marked by an explosive music personality.


  • Eugeneos are back in Mask Records with his Surprise EP. Don't miss it.

Lone Five

  • Lone Five debuts on Mask Records with his double tracks EP.

Dario Di Mauro

  • Dario Di Mauro debuts on Mask Records with his single Beginning.


  • Morey debuts on Mask Records with his single Never Knows.

Andy Mau, Marco Gotama, Alex Red, Aim!, Danilo Cris, Mirko Noize, Eugeneos, Steven Voorn, Enrico Saba Aka C_sky, Max Sabatini, Alex B, The Southern, Nick K, Safe Mode, Elenika, Anthony Ray, Southfisix, Gain, Marver, Drehan Esse, Peppe Renda, Nips, Yellow Light, Paolo Nicoli, Simone De Biasio, Geeboy, Probi

  • Mask Records celebrates the 100th release with a massive compilation! Not many labels stand the test of time and are able to get 100 releases. Great teamwork has been the key to success of the Mask over the years, and we are very happy with the people who work with us, friends that release on the label, and the support of all of you! Enjoy!

Enzo Sorrentino

  • Enzo sorrentino debuts on Mask Records with his Notti Insonni EP. Double original tracks called Notti Insonni and Oriente. Included in this project we have the remix of Leano. Enjoy.

Francesco Carone

  • Lightbulb Ep,will lead you through a sinuous musical atmosphere. Abstract sound and abstract melodies,will accompany you trought this experience.


  • Daniel-M presents his first EP on Mask Records, called 'ROAD EP'. Daniel was working on his musical and rhythmic knowledge of the Tech House genre to accomplish this, thus creating three unique and powerful sound.


  • Artil debuts on Mask records with his single No Rules. Don't Miss IT.


  • Marver come back to Mask Records with his Fathomless. Included Matteo Compagnoni Remix.


  • Modlay debuts on Mask Records.

Fukoma, Lato B

  • Fukoma and Lato B debuts on Mask Records.

Dave Houle

  • Dave Houle presents his triple tracks EP on Mask Records.

Alvise Torrisi

  • Alvise Torrisi debuts on Mask Records.

Jaco (it)

  • Jaco (IT) present his Crack E.P. on Mask Records. Enjoy


  • Daniel-M debut on Mask Records.


  • Eugeneos presents his triple track EP on Mask Records.


  • Marver presents his Get Carried Away EP on Mask Records


  • MarVer debut in Mask Records with this Sexy Bassline EP double original tracks.


  • Eugeneos present his Brooklyn For Lover EP on Mask Records. 2 powerfull tracks,

Danilo Cris, Valerio Urso

  • Danilo Cris vs Valerio Urso present EZEKIEL 25.17 EP on Mask Records.

Enrico Saba Aka C_sky

  • Enrico Saba Aka C_sky present Smog In The City EP on Mask Records.

Nikkk, Yaro

  • Nikkk & Yaro presents Enjoy the sun EP on Mask Records.

Drehan Esse

  • Drehan Esse presents Time Set EP on Mask Records.

Simone De Biasio

  • Simone De Biasio released Devils Woman EP on Mask Records. Distribuited by GioMBG.

Patrizio Sciarra



Anthony Ray

Dave Houle

  • Written, Mixed and Produced by Dave Houle for Mask Records. Published by GioMBG sarl Suisse.

Diego Kalero

  • Written, Mixed and Produced by Diego Kalero for Mask Records. Published by GioMBG Suisse

Alex Vero

  • Written Produced and Mixed by Alex Vero for Mask Records. Published by GioMBG sarl SUisse.

Nips, Yellow Light, Paolo Nicoli

  • Written, Mixed and Produced by Nips, Yellow Light & Paolo Nicoli for Mask Records. Published by GioMBG Suisse

Valerio Urso

  • Written, Mixed and Produced by Valerio Urso for Mask Records. Published by GioMBG Suisse


  • Written, mixed and produced by Manu Funk for Mask Records. Published by GioMBG Suisse

Luca Maniaci, Tony Maniaci, Marco Gotama, Paolo Leary, Lele Bugliosi, Gain, Alex Red, Dagaface, Andy Mau, Dave Houle, The Southern, Jo Lama, Greg Khaden, Raffaele Mennea, Mark'o Musto, Chris-T, Matu, Safe Mode, Max Sabatini, Alex B, Griffo

  • Produced by Andrea Mattioli for Divarecords (Italy). Published by GioMBG Suisse


Safe Mode

Chris-T, Matu

Lele Bugliosi

Nick K, Alex Andher, Hector dmb

Mark'o Musto

Iden Tity

Greg Khaden, Raffaele Mennea


Mirko Noize

Jo Lama, Kris Lama




  • Welcome Griffo on Mask Records.. another italian talent on mask..!!!

Jo Lama, Kris Lama

  • Second Time with us for Jo Lama e Kris Lama...!! To listen !!!

Paolo Nicoli

  • Welcome Paolo Nicoli on Mask.. Techno and Deep tracks for us.. To listen...!!!

Marco Calanni

  • Second E.P. for Marco on Mask.. ever original style for him...!! To listen...

Max Sabatini, Alex B

  • Welcome to this Duo on Mask Records.. his first e.p. have big support of remix to Danilo Cris already relesed on Diva and other important label..!!!!


  • Welcome to this woman producer on mask... we start with e.p. of 3 tracks.. to listen.. !!!

Anthony Ray

  • Another cool e.p. of our friend Anthony.. Cool deep and tech house... original style for him..!!

Mark'o Musto

  • Welcome Marco on Mask Records.. his first release with new talent of our group... Gain..!!

The Southern

  • Welcome to Mask at this Young producer !!!

Dave Houle

  • Welcome on Diva Recors, Dave.. his first e.p. goes around to deep deep sounds and originals Groove.. from listen to deep house lovers !!!

Andy Mau

  • Another Young talent debut on Mask Records.. with remix support of Anthony Ray already released on Diva and Mask, and Gain just arrived in our family !!!


  • Second E.P. for Gain on Mask..after his relase on Diva, he return with new e.p. from deep to tech house style.. we think that soon will releases on big label !!!

Alessio Pennati

  • Welcome Alessio Pennati on Board.. quality sound for us !!!

Gain, Andy Mau

  • New italian duo for us... with this e.p. their debut on Mask with coolest Groove !!!

Valerio Urso

  • Another wonderful deep house e.p. for Valerio Urso on Mask !!!

Loco P

  • Welcome Loco P at Mask Records !!!

Danilo Cris, Dagaface

  • .. new duo for Danilo and Dagaface.. welcome on Mask.. !!!


  • Welcome on Mask Records, Dagaface !!!... Support for his original music style!

Anthony Ray

  • Another release on Mask for Anthony Ray.. another original deep atmosphere for us !!!

Alex Red

  • Welcome Alex on Mask Records!!!


  • Welcome to our young italian talent on Mask Records.. his first e.p. is totally deep house, and is supported by 2 artists who already released on Diva and Mask..!!! Good listening!!!

Andrea Mattioli

  • Another cool italian artist released on Mask with original e.p. !!!

Lele Bugliosi

  • Welcome Lele Bugliosi on Mask Records.. with 3 deep house tracks !!!

Paolo Leary

  • Produced by Paolo Leary for Mask Records... firt time released on Mask!!!

Tony Maniaci, Marco Gotama

  • Produced by Tony Maniaci togheter Marco Gotama already released by Mask.. Wonderfull Deep project...

Peppe Renda

  • Produced by Peppe Renda for Mask Records !!!

Vincenzo Battaglia, Vinicio Melis

  • Produced by Vincenzo Battaglia e Vinicio Melis..Two cool deep house tracks!!!


  • And after some release on Diva Records welcome Tektight on Mask Records..!!! Dreaming tech house for us !!!

Jo Lama, Kris Lama

  • New entry on Mask Family !!! E.P. of 3 tracks..2 of best teck house and one of cool Deep House.. Good listening!!!

Carlos Alfaro

  • Welcome to Carlos Alfaro on Mask Family !!!

Luca Maniaci

  • Other italian talent goes on Mask Records!!!

Gregoire Digout

  • From France Gregoire Digout on Mask Records !!!

Simon Amadio, Pierpaolo Pierotti

  • Produced by italian duo from center of Italy.. This e.p. is example of pure Deep House style.. Say no Go is the new idea of old work !!!...

Marco Gotama

  • Welcome of Marco Gotama on Mask Records..!!! Marco start with beautiful tech house e.p. of 5 tracks !!


  • Produced by Antonio aka Geeboy for Mask Records...Thi is his first relase on Mask !!

Marco Calanni

  • Produced by Marco Calanni for Diva Records with Remix of Batty, Fabio Mazzei and Sleepover Undergroove.. Cool deep house E.P. !!!

Dirty Brothers

  • Produced by Dirty Brothers for Mask Records...very tech house tracks !!!

Antonio Di Tommaso, Paolo Di Lorenzo

  • The new Duo in the first release on Mask Records !!!

Anthony Ray

  • Produced by italian talent of vocal tracks... Anthony Ray!!! ..first release on Mask Records...!!!

Steven Voorn, Alex Red

  • First release for this young italian producer on Mask Records...!!!

Valerio Urso

  • Produced by Valerio Urso for Mask Records...!!!

Roby D

  • Welcome Roby on Mask family.. another italian producer comes with us !!!

Gregor Heat

  • Produced by Gregor Heat from Luxembourg for Mask Records...New entry in Mask Family...!!!

Simon Amadio

  • Produced by Simone Amadio for Mask Records

Roberto Gisondi

  • Produced by Roberto Gisondi for Mask Records

Vexus T

  • Produced by Vexus T for Mask Records...

Antonio Cagnazzo

  • Produced by Antonio Cagnazzo for Mask Records

Danilo Cris

  • Produced by Danilo Cris for Mask Records


  • Produced by Ermes, Alex Kennon, 2Manyfold, Domenico Cavallari for Diva Records

Yellow Light, Paolo Nicoli, Stefano Savoretti

  • Produced by Yellow Light, Paolo Nicoli, Stefano Savoretti for Mask Records

D. Napolitano

  • Produced by Davide Napolitano for Mask Records


  • Produced by Luca Orsini aka Acustik for Mask Records


  • Produced by Vito e Paolo Paultronik BaAus for Mask Records