official release date: 2017 Jul Thu 06

Lovejet [ LJR001 ]



The new Spada's musical adventure was already in the air. A fresh air full of music and especially full of art, the art that we all need to nourish with and to breath. Let us get carried by his Lovejet in a sky plenty of colours and emotions, we will be going to taste the fragrance of freedom and the wish of the new that only the enchanted children-world could give us. Looser. The first Lovejet track 'Looser' is a kaleidoscopic divertissement that stucks in our mind with a techno rhythm melted with a progressive sound. Winking to Giorgio Moroder, it remarks the style of Spada's track 'The Match', now revisited in a grinding undertone. 'Looser' is one of those tracks that a dj will always bring with him, excited to offer it in the most different contexts, from the prive' to the mainstream. Cloud 9. The second track 'Cloud' is the feminine side of the EP, a deep and sensual piece of music aimed at a night already started: it is Detroit with a sprinkle of Amsterdam, it is a final in the mood for Eighties, it is the desire of those who just joined the party to continue the night in the best possible way. Written produced and mixed by Ermanno Spada Spadati for Lovejet Records. Published by GioMBG sarl


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