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  • The summer is calling at Europe, and nothing is better than the sunset parties and festivals around the old continent. Thinking on this we worked a lot to release one of the best producers of techno. Microvibez is the sound theme for this summer, his tracks is a mix of drums, efects and excellent synth making a perect swing to dance and enjoy this summer. We are really proud to have Microvibez on board. So, to complete this single, Kamara remix. Press play, support us and enjoy!

Cristian Glitch

  • The young colombian Cristian Glitch, is an estabilished techno producer. We are proud to release his debut label EP, including two power tracks. Feel free to grab your copy, play, listen, support and have fun.


  • One of best sounds of Five Star Digital history have a new chapter into the label. Now Apnea by Mowree comes with new remixes versions including a power remix by renowed producer AnGy KoRe and a new 2013 version by Pedro Freiberger whose remixed the first single of Apnea in 2012. Enjoy our music and have fun.


  • Skober are one of the best producers of the new generation. With his hipnotic techno are reaching the highlights into techno scene around the world, working in labels as Phobiq Recordings (Sasha Carassi's label). To compose this single we select big names as Frank Savio and Uron. Try to be sure when you select wich track of this single you will play. Have fun and enjoy!

Pedro Freiberger

  • Pedro Freiberger is back with his summer feelings from Brazil. It's time for beach parties in South America and the young talent show us his new songs for the last summer sessions, Feel good and enjoy!


  • Imecka is back on board, now with three power techno tracks, enjoy! Imecka was born in 1972 in eastern corner of France. His First Dj name was Draco in early 1990s when it begins to play in Clubs. At this period he discovers the first raves of the time and his musical influences are the Detroit Techno-house. Imecka starts music production in 2007 and it creates his association Melting Sound, organizes electronic music events and plays alongside Laurent Garnier, Max Cooper, Mowree, Oliver Huntemann, Agoria, Scan X, Daegon, Woody Mc Bride, Popof, Paul Nazca, Oxia, Kiko, Nicolas Masseyeff, Electric Rescue, Tonio and many more. Since 2010, Imecka has signed several Techno EPs on various labels such Dootrecords, Lord Musik, Poker Dust, VK Label, Five Star Digital...


  • Robin Hildenbrant is the name behind Blanda. We are proud to have this guy on board cause he is reaching a good space into techno scene, and we are sure that in a soon future he will be a great artist. Enjoy!

Frank Savio

  • When we talk about Frank Savio, be sure that we are talking about one of most excellent producers of dark techno in the world. The Big Bang EP comes with six power techno tracks to increase your dj set including two big names of techno scene as Skober and Pedro Freiberger, enjoy!


  • We are proud to announce our 12th release by one of the most promising new talents of Techno scene. Drumcomplex are on board with a different perception about his sounds. Straight Edge is a mix between feelings and beats. To complete the single we have an another great name remxing this amazing sound. The Mr. Sven Dedek show your great skill with synths creating a big harmony for the loving melody, enjoy!

Artur Reimer

  • Artur Reimer is one of most promissing producers of teh world. His tracks are based in low bpm with an excellent groove and harmony. Be sure that Never Wait EP will be part of Warm Up of a lot of DJs around the world, enjoy.

Drumcomplex, Artur Reimer, Unluck, Imecka, Pedro Freiberger, Uron, Mowree, Skober, Bruno Ledesma

  • This is our first compilation. It's to celebrate the first anniversary of Five Star Digital including some of the best released tracks and five new power techno to upgrade your Dj Set.

Chrono, Cn


Bruno Ledesma

Joe Kendut


Alex Villanueva



Pedro Freiberger