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In Aegis


Between Sparkling

Zachary Chester

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Insane Dart

Really Band

The Christmas Lights Orchestra, Billy Hendricks, George Harp, The Lounge Unlimited Orchestra, Elio Baldi Cantù, Satechi Takemura, Arthur Jospeh, The Jazz Christmas Ensemble, The Chrono Psionic Christmas, La Christmas Celtique, Brazilian Love Affair Project, The Christmas World Band, Golden Guitar Project, Mr. Chow

Brazilian Love Affair Project, Golden Guitar Project, Derek Evans, The Christmas World Band, Elio Baldi Cantù, The Christmas Lights Orchestra, Jazz Alchemy, The Lounge Unlimited Orchestra, Satechi Takemura, La Christmas Celtique, The Jazz Christmas Ensemble, Donald Chandler, M.d.f., Thomas Elliott, Mr. Chow

Jazz Alchemy, Walkers, The Chrono Psionic Christmas, Gary Sharpe, The Jakobs, Golden Guitar Project, Thomas Elliott, Billy De Rossi, The Christmas World Band, Mr. Chow, The Jazz Christmas Ensemble, La Christmas Celtique, The Christmas Dreamers, Romantic Piano Ensemble

La Christmas Celtique, P.e.l., Jo Ann King, George Harp, Martin Pearson, Martin Shepperd, Jazz Alchemy, Chains Loz, Solo Piano, Elio Baldi Cantù, The Christmas World Band, Bernie Diamond, The Jazz Christmas Ensemble, Satechi Takemura

Elio Baldi Cantù, The Hinde Band, The Christmas Lights Orchestra, Solo Piano, The Jack Smith Band, The Christmas World Band, The Circus Plastic Christmas, Brazilian Love Affair Project, Thomas Elliott, Golden Guitar Project, Marvin Johnson, The Jazz Christmas Ensemble, Mr. Chow, The Organ Vibes, The Lounge Unlimited Orchestra

Jazz Alchemy

Jazz Alchemy

Jazz Alchemy