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  • Desolat alumni Unknown7 drops debut LP 'Another Side' on his Distrikt Records imprint this January. Italian-born, Milan-based DJ/producer Unknown7's debut album 'Another Side' delivers ten tracks taking in ambient, breakbeat, house, hip-hop and techno and arrives on his own Distrikt Records, with label support from artists such as Marco Carola, Loco Dice, Joseph Capriati and more. Opening via ambient soundscapes, 'Another Side' eases listeners via cosmic pads and harmonious keys interspersed with rainforest samples, before transitioning into 'Sleep With Me' and 'Highway', where the enticing vocals of UntilMarina slink in. Much like the vocals, the bass and kicks creep in to reveal two upbeat house cuts drawing on disco-inspired elements, while embracing the interstellar components of the intro. 'Ghetto Blaster' serves up an eerie, break-beat effort changing the album's direction while 'Complex', 'Fresh' and 'Signal', deliver three tracky, club-ready assaults on the senses riddled with off-kilter vocals, boasting warped basslines and outlandish samples. 'Trap House' showcases Unknown7's hip-hop influences, combining lively rolling percussion with Da Prince's vocals and slowed, trap-leaning breakdowns, while 'Planet 909' explores a deeper, more minimal sound with a lighter touch. To close, feel-good finale 'Question My Love' pays homage to the old school acid house days, ending the album on a memorable note.



Paul Cart


Michael Vitrani


Andrea Abbate



  • 01 Unknown7 On the Battlefield Original Mix
  • 02 Unknown7 I Like It Original Mix
  • 03 Unknown7 Freaking Original Mix

Niko Spro

  • 01 Niko Spro Back Hands Original Mix
  • 02 Niko Spro Reflected Original Mix


  • 01 Hira No More Troubles Original Mix
  • 02 Hira No More Troubles Suave (Belgium) Remix

Moss, Enfasi

  • 01 Moss, Enfasi Jack is House Original Mix
  • 02 Moss, Enfasi She Takes My Money Original Mix

Mario Alvz

  • 01 Mario Alvz Low Crazy Original Mix
  • 02 Mario Alvz Megatron Original Mix

Thin, Robert Mycer

  • 01 Thin, Robert Mycer Le Dernier Mot Original Mix
  • 02 Thin, Robert Mycer Point G Original Mix
  • 03 Thin, Robert Mycer 488 Original Mix

Some Stuff

  • 01 Some Stuff Work This House Original Mix
  • 02 Some Stuff Fake It Original Mix
  • 03 Some Stuff Gold Original Mix

Harry Hulstrom

  • 01 Harry Hulstrom Bruce's Shoes Original Mix
  • 02 Harry Hulstrom One More Time Original Mix
  • 03 Harry Hulstrom Records Fever Original Mix

Tomas Haro

  • 01 Tomas Haro Keep It Pumpin Original Mix
  • 02 Tomas Haro Sweet Piano Undertech Remix
  • 03 Tomas Haro Unexpected Key Original Mix

Dani Holl, Genny Effe

  • 01 Dani Holl, Genny Effe Move On Original Mix
  • 02 Dani Holl, Genny Effe Cargo Original Mix

Lu york

  • 01 Lu york Not That Cool Original Mix
  • 02 Lu york Not That Cool Fizzikx '92 Style Remix
  • 03 Lu york Not That Cool Arie Mando Very Cool Remix
  • 04 Lu york Not That Cool Riddim's Uncool Mix

Joaquin Koen, Undertech

  • 01 Joaquin Koen City of Detroit Original Mix
  • 02 Joaquin Koen City of Detroit Undertech Remix
  • 03 Undertech Robotic Original Mix
  • 04 Undertech Robotic Joaquin Koen Mix

Alex Damis, Christian Bove, Dino Saints, Pask (italy), Smokin Us, Unknown7

  • 01 Alex Damis Nuovo Canone Original Mix
  • 02 Christian Bove Baby Don't Stop the Track Original Mix
  • 03 Dino Saints Hit on the Street Original Mix
  • 04 Pask (italy) What I Want Original Mix
  • 05 Smokin Us Alert Original Mix
  • 06 Unknown7 The Showdown Original Mix

Tough Groove

  • 01 Tough Groove Movin' Original Mix
  • 02 Tough Groove Stranger Original Mix


  • 01 Keistep Material Original Mix
  • 02 Keistep Carbon Original Mix

Maxi Chavez

  • 01 Maxi Chavez Mum's Gruv Original Mix
  • 02 Maxi Chavez Mum's Gruv Jizz Remix
  • 03 Maxi Chavez Da Meanin of Gruv Original Mix
  • Written, Mixed and Produced by Maxi Chavez & Jizz for District Records

Matteo Nobile, Unknown7

  • 01 Matteo Nobile, Unknown7 Choir Original Mix
  • 02 Matteo Nobile House Movement Original Mix
  • 03 Matteo Nobile Mellow Drum Original Mix

Alex Damis, Dino Saints, Larson, Pask (italy), Smokin Us

  • 01 Alex Damis All the System Original Mix
  • 02 Dino Saints Imaging Yourself Original Mix
  • 03 Larson Manage Your Strength Original Mix
  • 04 Pask (italy) True Emotion Original Mix
  • 05 Smokin Us Don't Forget the Sun Original Mix

Heart And Faith

  • 01 Heart And Faith Untitled 001 Original Mix
  • 02 Heart And Faith Untitled 002 Original Mix
  • 03 Heart And Faith Untitled 003 Original Mix
  • 04 Heart And Faith Untitled 004 Original Mix