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Cipy, Saro Carrasi, Meet Once Again, Sb- Unit, Althoff, Amadori, Ivan Pugliares

  • ..and Close Knit launches its first Knitting Needle! The Barcelona-based underground collective its top artists in a compilation of 6 meticulous tunes. Syncopated beats, slow-burners and evocative overtones will bring back the space we’ve lost dancing…


  • Romantic grooves and warm melodies for this ep of our Spanish talented fella Gespona.. 2361 will be out on july 30th! Special thanks to Cipy for his retouch.

Althoff, Cipy

  • Deep basic melodies on punchy arpeggios fit perfectly with organic and futuristic percussion for this new 'Eden' ep by our favorite Brazilian Althoff. Special thanks to Cipy for his retouch.


  • For the third catalog we welcome the young talent from Buenos Aires Amadori. Elegant and deep grooves fit together in the detailed and rigorously analog sequence of synths that result in a very convincing and solid after break. Produced, Arranged and Mixed By Amadori.

Ivan Pugliares, Reezar

  • Composed by dancefloor oriented beats surrounded in nostalgic analog shapes, Fenix is oriented to create a space between time and space where to lose ourself to dance. This 2 track EP embraces the work of Reezar and Ivan Pugliares in a crafted Indie House production that embrace a constant evolving energy throughout powerful basses and electronic synths. Produced, Arrangend and Mixed By Ivan Pugliares & Reezar.


  • Romantic analog synths with arpeggios embedded in minimal Drum and organic percussion has always been Cipy's brand, obviously also adopted for his ep Nowhere Else !! 3 tracks that include all his dynamic, warm and demeaning style. Produced, Arrangend and Mixed By Cipy.