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  • “DIKTAT! is a vicious order that does not allow any objections. A beastly, relentless rhythm without any melodic frills. 'Sentenza' with its distorted kick and icy soundscapes, sentences the listener to one last frenzied dance. Lastly, 'Killer' adds a further dramatic note. In this project TERAL, an alias of G-On, wanted to set harmony and melody aside to pay tribute to the only dictat he follows: rhythm.” Music: Gabriele Costantini Mix & Master: Fulvio Ceccarelli Graphic: H3ml0ck


G-on, Antos

  • Milano Ep is the first collaboration of the label owners Antos and G-on and it’s the first step of this project: defining Milano's sound trough a network of production and releases. The two artists are currently working on synthesizing sounds typical of Berlin's techno - undeniably influencing Milano's music scene - giving her a more personal and typically milanese sound. Cover Artwork: H3ml0ck. Mix & Master: Fulvio Ceccarelli (MILANO, VENDETTA), Alberto Sabato (GLASS SHOWER)