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Luca Fioretti (Italy)

  • 01 Luca Fioretti (Italy) Sonar Original Mix
  • 02 Luca Fioretti (Italy) Sonar Nukov & Yelmet Remix
  • 03 Luca Fioretti (Italy) The Ship Original Mix

Richard Merq

  • 01 Richard Merq Makaveli Original Mix
  • 02 Richard Merq Don't Stop the Jam Original Mix
  • 03 Richard Merq What's up Nigga Original Mix
  • Next release made in Milan, Italy! First Ep debut of Richard Merq on Beat It Music. Resident dj of Too Long's famous after-party. Perfect style for dance floors all over the world.

Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona

  • 01 Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona Live Your Life Original Mix
  • 02 Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona Lucky Star Original Mix
  • 03 Gianni Ruocco, Le Roi Carmona Lucky Star Dee No Remix

Antonio Ariano, Daniele Capone, Dante ( Ita ), Emolw, Joshler, Fellar, Francesco Parente, Luca Fioretti (Italy), Thomas Balestroni, Matteo Zu, Nicolas Laini, Valerio Lucca

  • 01 Antonio Ariano Funky Beat Original Mix
  • 02 Daniele Capone Rewrite Original Mix
  • 03 Dante ( Ita ) Raving Original Mix
  • 04 Emolw, Joshler Don't Stop Original Mix
  • 05 Fellar Like That Original Mix
  • 06 Francesco Parente Bmr Original Mix
  • 07 Luca Fioretti (Italy), Thomas Balestroni Hands Up Original Mix
  • 08 Matteo Zu Track One Original Mix
  • 09 Nicolas Laini Pussy Jam Original Mix
  • 10 Valerio Lucca Acid Shake Original Mix

Antonio Marrandino

  • 01 Antonio Marrandino Life is Sweet Original Mix
  • 02 Antonio Marrandino First Class Original Mix
  • 03 Antonio Marrandino I Feel Original Mix
  • The next release of Beat It Music, all made in italy by Antonio Marrandino with his new work Life Is Sweet EP.Three tracks with a Tech House sound ready for the dancefloor.

Hugo Bianco

  • 01 Hugo Bianco Blue Giacomo Original Mix
  • 02 Hugo Bianco Blue Giacomo Stefano Kosa Remix
  • 03 Hugo Bianco Blue Giacomo Mirko Flower Remix
  • Original Mix from Music On Artist, The most important party in Ibiza! Hugo Bianco - Blue Giacomo EP! Including in this package Two Remixes form labels owners of Beat it Music,Stefano Kosa & Mirko Flower.

Dee No

  • 01 Dee No Right Things Original Mix
  • 02 Dee No The Tribble Original Mix
  • Dee no, is a risign Italian talent's,with his new release on our Beat It Music. He is a young artist who already enjoys the support of artists such as Marco Carola, Neverdogs, also performs regularly as dj throughout northern Italy.

Francesco Squillante

  • 01 Francesco Squillante Never Rains Original Mix
  • 02 Francesco Squillante Red Fist Original Mix
  • 03 Francesco Squillante Red Fist Dani Holl, Genny Effe Remix
  • Beat it made in Italy in this release. Two original mixes signed by Francesco Squillante young producer who has released on labels such as Innocent music. The remix by Dani Holl and Genny Effe italian’s talented dj’s resident at the after party Interferenze based the capital.


  • 01 Piaab Right Here Original Mix
  • 02 Piaab Who’s This Original Mix
  • Next Beat It Music is from the spanish artist, Piaab,very young producer that is brilliant quality and have signed in many different label’s such as, Hall Of Fame and Flashmob Records.His style is based by sound and drum “old school..Two original mix perfect for the dance floor.

Crosfader, Fulvio Ferretta, Giben Gless, Klover Haze, Lorenzo Dotti, Vito Fattore

  • 01 Crosfader Rainy Day Original Mix
  • 02 Fulvio Ferretta Pungiball Original Mix
  • 03 Giben Gless Put On Original Mix
  • 04 Klover Haze Get Interview Original Mix
  • 05 Lorenzo Dotti I'm Not Original Mix
  • 06 Vito Fattore Machinestrasse Original Mix
  • Here is our new 'Various Artists' traditional. This year we propose new emerging artists who have their talent in the world of productions internationally. Beat Christmas 2016 sees the return in the our family of Crosfader followed by new artists that for them is the new crew, Fulvio Ferretta, Giben Gless, Klover Haze, Lorenzo Dotti and Vito Fattore. Enjoy!

Javier Gonzalez, Romeo D'arret

  • 01 Javier Gonzalez, Romeo D'arret Mr. Harry & Poter Original Mix
  • 02 Javier Gonzalez, Romeo D'arret Mr. Harry & Poter Samu Rodriguez Remix
  • 03 Javier Gonzalez, Romeo D'arret Konan Acustik Original Mix
  • BTM028 is Made in Ibiza !! In this EP Javier Gonzalez and Romeo D'Arret released a perfect progressive house sound to be mixed in the evening.. The remix edited by Samu Rodriguez, producer boasting releases on labels such as (lemon-aid, be one, datagroove).

Luis Martinez, John Martz, Peppe Markese, Profano, Rojan, Rihos, Tony D'castro

  • 01 Luis Martinez Clocks Original Mix
  • 02 John Martz Detroit Original Mix
  • 03 Peppe Markese, Profano Lovely Groove Original Mix
  • 04 Rojan, Rihos Lifelong Original Mix
  • 05 Tony D'castro Pleasant Sunset Original Mix
  • We are really proud to announce the 'Summer Talents 2016' our talent discovery. This time we are pleased to have six artists involved with many great new music ranging from Deep House to Tech House and Techno. Make sure you take a listen to every song !

Radio Complex

  • 01 Radio Complex Over The Sample Original Mix
  • 02 Radio Complex Over The Sample Ron Costa Remix
  • 03 Radio Complex Sad Robot Original Mix
  • 04 Radio Complex Sad Robot Alberto Ruiz Remix

Mario Del Regno

  • 01 Mario Del Regno Homeless Original Mix
  • 02 Mario Del Regno 119 Original Mix
  • 03 Mario Del Regno 119 Mauro Alpha Remix
  • The first release on Beat It for this year at the insignia of made in Italy !!!!!!! Original Mix edited by the Neapolitan, boasts some big releases in a differentis labels (High Pressure Music, Be One, Illogic Music) with a Rmx with a stamp tech-house composed by Mauro Alpha, great producer that boasts the support from Richie Hawtin and many more.

Crosfader, Dino Saints, Larson, Nicholas (Ita), Paolo Lucchi, The Lion Brothers

  • 01 Crosfader Against The Current Original Mix
  • 02 Dino Saints Trap The Beat Original Mix
  • 03 Larson Never Give Up Original Mix
  • 04 Nicholas (Ita) Like A Bitch Original Mix
  • 05 Paolo Lucchi Tenor Feather Original Mix
  • 06 The Lion Brothers House Original Mix
  • BTM024 'Beat Christmas 2015'. Another V/A composed entirely from youngs italians Artists that already savoring their tracks played by from the best Internationals Artists. Every V/A is based in a new names, new music and new grooves.

Elio Riso, Alejandro Arroyo

  • 01 Elio Riso, Alejandro Arroyo Revealed Original Mix
  • 02 Elio Riso, Alejandro Arroyo Revealed Alessandro Grops Remix
  • BTM023 is finally out. For the 20th release of Beat It Music, we are very proud to announce an artist who needs no introduction: directly from the most important clubs in the world, Beat It gives a very pleasing worm Elio Riso !! After its exit of fingerprints, as Intec and Bedrock, the Argentine producer, owner of Awards Music Awards, he honored us with an original mix, together with the new talent Alejandro Arroyo! For a release like this we had to be very picky about choosing a remix, but the United States has chosen paid back: Alessandro Grops organized a great and made expectations for Biggers BTM023 than ever.

Dj Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi

  • 01 Dj Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi To Get Funky Original Mix
  • 02 Dj Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi To Get Funky Toni Varga Remix
  • 03 Dj Micky Da Funk, Costantino Nappi Modern Warfare Original Mix
  • Dj Micky Da Funk & Costantino Nappi (Sphera, Deeperfect, 1605), continuos the collaboration of Beat It Music with the family Elrow, with a strong remix by the DJ and Producer Toni Varga (Form, Octopus, Lapsus Music).

CLiVe, Mata Jones, F.Gazza, Juan De La Higuera, Lewis Delay, Ricardo Espino, Robert Kuo, Samu Rodriguez, Sitomaas

  • 01 CLiVe, Mata Jones The Moon Original Mix
  • 02 F.Gazza, Juan De La Higuera Dungeon Original Mix
  • 03 Lewis Delay It's Time Original Mix
  • 04 Ricardo Espino Only One Original Mix
  • 05 Robert Kuo Scream Original Mix
  • 06 Samu Rodriguez Dancing In The Morning Original Mix
  • 07 Sitomaas Panama Original Mix

Fernando Mesa

  • 01 Fernando Mesa Yeah Acid Original Mix
  • 02 Fernando Mesa Yeah Acid Stefano Kosa Remix
  • 03 Fernando Mesa Yeah Acid Dj Fronter Remix
  • Fernando Mesa is back on Beat it Music, with an original track and two Rmxs from one of the owners of Beat It, Stefano Kosa and a south American Producer, that release music on labels such as, Stereo Productions, Material, 1605, Dj Fronter.

Danniel Selfmade

  • 01 Danniel Selfmade Parallel Lives Original Mix
  • 02 Danniel Selfmade August in Music On Original Mix
  • 03 Danniel Selfmade Reality Show Original Mix
  • 04 Danniel Selfmade I Say Original Mix
  • A brand new Artist has just landed on time on Beat It Music for the BTM19. Danniel Seflmade, a spanish Producer who already signed for labels as Stereo Production, Kinetica, Elrow Music, Deeperfect has signed 4 original mixes that reflect 100% his style.

Marc Bertrand, Sicarii

  • 01 Marc Bertrand, Sicarii Vacate Original Mix
  • 02 Marc Bertrand, Sicarii Vacate Mr. Bizz Remix
  • 03 Marc Bertrand, Sicarii Escalate Original Mix
  • 04 Marc Bertrand, Sicarii Escalate Nico Cabeza Remix
  • Beat It Music never stops to refurnish you of brand new beats. BTM018 introduces on its own catalogue 4 tracks divided in 2 original mixes and 2 remixes. The original mixes of Vacate EP are the final result of a collaboration between Marc Bertrand and Sicarii. The duo came up with two tracks distinguished by some very progressive synths, big kick drums and fat basslines. Beat It has decided to pick to artists who do not need presentations: for Vacate, the choice has gone on Mr. Bizz and, the two sardinian brothers payed back with a techno that will get stuck in your mind. Talking about Escalate, the choice went on Nico Cabeza. The talented Italian producer (already known back in time as Chube.ka) debuts on Beat It Music with a groovy remix that shows great skills with some deep synths and games of tones. Now, stop talking and enjoy the BTM018.

Mike Teknii, Simone Burrini, Flavio Martini

  • 01 Mike Teknii Deep Noise Original Mix
  • 02 Simone Burrini, Flavio Martini Oh Yeah! Original Mix
  • 03 Mike Teknii Deep Noise Remix
  • 04 Simone Burrini, Flavio Martini Oh Yeah! Remix
  • Back to life! The new year has arrived and Beat It wants to start it in the best way possible. Is there a best way to start it than revealing to everybody our brand new release?!? Let's go deeper on it: the BTM017 is formed from 4 tracks: 2 original mixes and 2 remixes. The first original comes from an Italian raising talent from Trieste, he already had the pleasure to release on imprints as Innocent Music and Microtech, Beat It is very pleased to announce Mike Teknii. For a new-comer Talent, we had to pic an affirmed remixer and nobody else could do it better than an old friend of Beat It Music: Welcome back to Johnny Kaos! The second half of the BTM017 keep really catching this release: after the big success on Moan Recoding and Jekos Music, Beat It has the pleasure to sign to artists that have supported the label since the beginning. Thank you to Simone Burrini and Flavio Martini for their fresh and groovy original mix. To complete the EP we have chosen to speak a little bit french with Marcelo Cura, an artist that rarely misses a 'play' from Marco Carola. Enjoy the BTM 017 and Happy 2015.

Daniel Rich, Davide T, Enrico Caruso, Gianni Cuomo, Gianni Firmaio, M.a.d's, Mario Del Regno, Ninho, Outway, Rich Weird, Sandro Beninati, Seeward, Stefano Crabuzza

  • 01 Daniel Rich Jump On Original Mix
  • 02 Davide T Arrive Let's Go Original Mix
  • 03 Enrico Caruso Drink's Up Original Mix
  • 04 Gianni Cuomo Dimitri Original Mix
  • 05 Gianni Firmaio Organic Snare Original Mix
  • 06 M.a.d's Subliminal Original Mix
  • 07 Mario Del Regno La Perk Original Mix
  • 08 Ninho Seventeen Original Mix
  • 09 Outway I Think Waht I Think Original Mix
  • 10 Rich Weird First Floor Original Mix
  • 11 Sandro Beninati Bitcoins Original Mix
  • 12 Seeward In My Deep Original Mix
  • 13 Stefano Crabuzza Drummer Original Mix
  • Beat It is pleased to announce 'Italian Talents Vol. 3': the third edition of this various artists release includes tracks from different talents 'Made in Italy”

Davide Vario, Dennis Cruz, Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic, George Privatti, Mirko Flower, Neverdogs, Proudly People, D-Formation, LucaP, Steven Voorn, Stop File, White Brothers

  • 01 Davide Vario Beat It Original Mix
  • 02 Dennis Cruz Belive Original Mix
  • 03 Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic Heaven Fernando Mesa Remix
  • 04 George Privatti Blizzard Original Mix
  • 05 Davide Vario It's Perfect Landmark Remix
  • 06 Mirko Flower She's Mine Original Mix
  • 07 Neverdogs Farlight Original Mix
  • 08 Proudly People Underground Vibe Original Mix
  • 09 D-Formation, LucaP Tipper Raul Mezcolanza Remix
  • 10 Steven Voorn The Strangers Redondo Remix
  • 11 Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic Heaven Stefano Kosa Remix
  • 12 Stop File Sure Original Mix
  • 13 White Brothers Rollercoaster Original Mix
  • 14 Neverdogs Colombia MiniCoolBoyz Remix
  • It's already time to celebrate the first anniversary of Beat It Music. The best way that we know to celebrate this wonderfulfirst year is to release a Compilation that includes some of our most loved tracks. The Beat It Music crew really wants to thank all of you for the massive support and hope you'll keep going to follow us.

Franz Costa

  • 01 Franz Costa Without Words Original Mix
  • 02 Franz Costa Blue Eyes Original Mix
  • 03 Franz Costa Complex Original Mix
  • After the great success of 'Random Dialogue (Original Mix)', played all summer long by Marco Carola, Franz Costa is back on Beat It Music with his personal Ep fomerd by 3 tracks that show its pure style and some techno sonorities unexpected from the artist. Listen to them carefully

Alex Smott, Adam C

  • 01 Alex Smott, Adam C Iggy Original Mix
  • 02 Alex Smott, Adam C Iggy Darkrow Remix
  • This time Beat It Music introduces to its public a release 100% 'Made in Spain'. The original mix is from two producers who perfectly express the spanish beat: Adam Smott & Adam C. The remix come from another spanish talent very supported by Richie Hawtin and many others artists who do not need presentations: we're very pleased to announce Darkrow on Beat It Music. Publised by GioMBG sarl

Steven Voorn

  • 01 Steven Voorn The Strangers Original Mix
  • 02 Steven Voorn The Strangers Redondo Remix
  • 03 Steven Voorn Format Original Mix
  • 04 Steven Voorn Format Vito Remix

Amine K, AndReew, Joe Red, Avermass, David Zor, Davide Prada, Dennis Cruz, Gianni Ruocco, Jose Ferrando, Joshua Puerta, Ruben Zurita, Sy Chan, Mius Sick, The Reactivitz, Tomy Wahl

  • 01 Amine K The Vibe Original Mix
  • 02 AndReew, Joe Red Poked Sticks Original Mix
  • 03 Avermass Jacking Original Mix
  • 04 David Zor Push Original Mix
  • 05 Davide Prada Mhysa Original Mix
  • 06 Dennis Cruz Belive Original Mix
  • 07 Gianni Ruocco Calling Original Mix
  • 08 Gianni Ruocco Rock & Rock Original Mix
  • 09 Jose Ferrando In Depth Original Mix
  • 10 Joshua Puerta Big Bang Original Mix
  • 11 Ruben Zurita The Roost Original Mix
  • 12 Sy Chan, Mius Sick Project X Original Mix
  • 13 The Reactivitz Tonic Original Mix
  • 14 Tomy Wahl Meeting People Original Mix
  • After the Italian Talents VA, Beat It Music present the first “International Talents Vol.1” with young producer from all over the world, from Europe to Sounth America! Perfect grooves and beats for the dancefloor.

Davide Vario

  • 01 Davide Vario It's Perfect Original Mix
  • 02 Davide Vario It's Perfect Landmark Remix
  • 03 Davide Vario Beat It Original Mix
  • 04 Davide Vario Beat It DJ Vitto Remix
  • Next release of “Beat It Music is all made in Italy!!! The original mix is from the young producer “Davide Vario who release already great stuff on other labels!!! The remixers are Landmark (Defected, Snatch) and Dj Vitto (Bitten, Bla Bla).


  • 01 Neverdogs Colombia Original Mix
  • 02 Neverdogs Colombia MiniCoolBoyz Remix
  • 03 Neverdogs Farlight Original Mix
  • 04 Neverdogs Farlight Franz Costa Remix
  • Beat it music, release n°9, 2 original tracks from an italian duo, djs resident of one of the most hot party in Ibiza (Music On at Amnesia), we talking about NEVERDOGS. Two tracks perfectly in line with their sets. The remixers are from another important duo of the electronic music scene, Minicoolboyz! the 2nd remix is from Franz Costa, consistently supported by Marco Carola and Bigs!!!

Proudly People, Stop File

  • 01 Proudly People Underground Vibe Original Mix
  • 02 Stop File Sure Original Mix
  • 03 Proudly People Underground Vibe Danilo Vigorito Remix
  • 04 Stop File Sure Max Coseglia Remix
  • 05 Proudly People, Stop File Underground Sure A.D.M. (Italy) Edit
  • 8th release of Beat It Music! This release is composed by 2 original mixes edited by two couples of producers that are raising in their own styles: Proudly People (Moan, Inmotion) and Stop File (KD Music, Hoehenregler Rec). The Ep includes also 2 remixes from Max Coseglia and Danilo Vigorito, become a techno icon with his releases on labels as Plus8 and many more. Beat It Music has one more gift for you: an Edit Mix of the two originals produced by A.D.M. (Italy)

7DS (Italy), Antonio Cagnazzo, BaAus, Daigoro S, Davide Vario, Francesco Riccardo, Gaetano C, GgDex, John Rise, Luca Lento, Marc Bertrand, Sandro Beninati, Simone Liberali, White Brothers

  • 01 7DS (Italy) Deeper Original Mix
  • 02 Antonio Cagnazzo Candy Crash Original Mix
  • 03 BaAus This Beat Original Mix
  • 04 Daigoro S Beat Generation Original Mix
  • 05 Davide Vario Rudimental Original Mix
  • 06 Francesco Riccardo Point of Groove Original Mix
  • 07 Gaetano C Craken Original Mix
  • 08 GgDex Give More Original Mix
  • 09 John Rise Rango Original Mix
  • 10 Luca Lento The Bear Is Beatin Original Mix
  • 11 Marc Bertrand Coutdown Original Mix
  • 12 Sandro Beninati Get It Right Original Mix
  • 13 Simone Liberali Say What Original Mix
  • 14 White Brothers Rollercoaster Original Mix
  • Beat it Music presents his new compilation 'Italian Talents Vol.2'.Selection of 14 tracks composed by Italians producers emerging of the moment,followed and supported by the best international DJs.

Matteo Gamba

  • 01 Matteo Gamba Smells Of The Ghetto Original Mix
  • 02 Matteo Gamba Smells Of The Ghetto Dub Mix
  • 03 Matteo Gamba Smells Of The Ghetto Francesco Bergomi Remix
  • The Beat It Music release number six is made in Italy..!!! Original mix from the Theatre rec's owner, Matteo Gamba, with a typical house groove. The remix is from Francesco Bergomi, Italian Artist with releases in Sci+Tec and Memento rec.

Johnny Kaos, Devid Dega, Mirko Flower

  • 01 Johnny Kaos Kangaroo Original Mix
  • 02 Devid Dega Lifestyle Original Mix
  • 03 Mirko Flower She's Mine Original Mix
  • For the 5th release, Beat it Music present 3 original tracks from 3 different artists. johnny Kaos from (Bitten, Suara, Amazing rec.), Devid Dega from (Amazing Rec.)and the owner Mirko Flower.Three different styles with something in common... The Bangin Groove!

Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic

  • 01 Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic Heaven Original Mix
  • 02 Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic Heaven Fernando Mesa Remix
  • 03 Paul Darey, Hannes Bruniic Heaven Stefano Kosa Remix
  • Paul Darey & Hannes Bruniic (Bora bora Ibiza) present their new work on Beat it Music,With original track fully reflects the beat Spanish ' Heaven'. including two remixes by Fernando Mesa (Deeperfect, Arume Records) and one of the Owner of Beat It Music Stefano Kosa (KD Music, Elrow Music, Nirvana Recordings).Three tracks of sure effect on the track that sounds range from softer to the Tech-House.

Alan Herzt, Alessandro Grops, Alex Giusti, Baba (Italy), Daniele Mannoia, D-isorder, Emanuele Rada, Franz Costa, Griffo, Koko, Kris Lama, Luca Maniaci, M.F.S Observatory, Markomas, Setesh Shiva, Vincenzo D'amico

  • 01 Alan Herzt Bob Cat Original Mix
  • 02 Alessandro Grops Melatinta Original Mix
  • 03 Alex Giusti Timeless Original Mix
  • 04 Baba (Italy) Fate Of A Fool Original Mix
  • 05 Daniele Mannoia Come Back Original Mix
  • 06 D-isorder Nigua Original Mix
  • 07 Emanuele Rada Gangster Original Mix
  • 08 Franz Costa Random Dialogue Original Mix
  • 09 Griffo El Perro Del Diablo Original Mix
  • 10 Koko This Bakarud Original Mix
  • 11 Kris Lama Switch Check Original Mix
  • 12 Luca Maniaci Black Raw Original Mix
  • 13 M.F.S Observatory Change The Puscher Original Mix
  • 14 Markomas Think Original Mix
  • 15 Setesh Shiva In C-2 Original Mix
  • 16 Vincenzo D'amico Rummo Original Mix
  • Beat it Music presents his new compilation 'Italian Talents Vol.1'.Selection of 16 tracks composed by Italians producers emerging of the moment,followed and supported by the best international DJs.

D-Formation, LucaP

  • 01 D-Formation, LucaP Tipper Original Mix
  • 02 D-Formation, LucaP Tipper Raul Mezcolanza Remix
  • 03 D-Formation, LucaP Leycos Original Mix
  • Beat it Music Presents the Second Release with D-formation and LucaP! Stamp house for their ep, for sure effect on the track and beyond. Including one remix Raul Mezcolanza always the family of El Row e Monegros.Groove and warm sonority characterize their Release.

George Privatti

  • 01 George Privatti Blizzard Original Mix
  • 02 George Privatti Droppo Truscatto Original Mix
  • 03 George Privatti Gumy Original Mix
  • First release for Beat It Music! The new Label of Mirko Flower and Stefano Kosa. The EP is from a spanish artist, resident dj of Elrow and Monegros Desert Festival, George Privatti! Three tracks with a unique feature, the result on the dancefloor!