official release date: 2008 Aug Mon 04 [ 9REC050 ]



Written Produced and Mixed by Fabio Alkemy Pagnini for Published by Cubia and GioMBG


  • front cover.

    9REC050-283.png 9REC050-600.jpg

  • info cover.

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Date DJ - A&R Site Trk mix version Feed back
GioMBG Audio no ident 1 pure GOOD Alkemy old school!
Leo Girardi no ident 1 booooommbaaaaa
Sergio Matina no ident 1 Another good work from 9Rec.!!!
Andrea Mattioli no ident 1 very interesting; truly effective ...
Gianluca Ghezzi no ident 1 un bel viaggio hypnotico!
Antomio Frescobaldi no ident 1 Un bel techno , ha un bel carattere e piace...da pompare bene per la prossima stagione invernale...
GioMBG Audio no ident 3 Your Comment
Midi no ident 1 i like the idea but the suounds not very good